TRX Class - Santa Fe Athletic Co.


Born in the Navy Seals, TRX is scientifically proven to improve strength, stability and cardiovascular health. Using your body weight as resistance, every movement challenges your core for a full-body workout!

Fitness Level: All levels
Duration: 60min
Music: Club pop, D&B, Hip-Hop


Our standard Strength & Conditioning class similar to a bootcamp style class! Using various fitness modalities, each workout is designed to give you the most efficient workout possible. Participants will run through different training techniques with a focus on core conditioning. Each class is unique and constantly changing to keep your workout fresh and fun.

Class Level: All Levels
Duration: 60min
Music: Hip-Hop
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Kettlebell at Santa Fe Athletic Co.


With Russian roots dating back to the early 1700s, kettlebells are cast iron weights that resemble a cannonball with a handle. From strengthening the key muscles of the lower body to challenging the muscles of the core and upper body, kettlebells truly are an effective training tool for improving total-body strength.

Focusing on basic movements and proper form of the kettlebell, this class uses dynamic moves to target almost every aspect of fitness. The emphasis is on refining the basics, while learning new intermediate techniques, and building endurance. Class will be a mix of technique, circuits, intervals, and tabatas.

Fitness Level:  All Levels
Duration: 60min
Music: Everything



A slight twist on your traditional Hatha yoga. In between your tradition holds and body postures, sequences will include pulses to shape and tone.

Fitness Level:  All Levels
Duration: 60min
Hatha Tone
hard core


Hard core is a low-impact, high-intensity workout focusing on your abs, booty and hips. This up-beat class uses various tools and a variety of fitness modalities, designed to build, strengthen and maintain a hard core!

Bring your yoga mat and get ready to work!

Fitness Level: All Levels
Duration: 60min
Music: Pop, Latin Beats & Hip-Hop


Dating to the 13th century, the Mace was used by elite warriors and wrestlers to train & condition for battle. With Extreme disproportionate weight displacement, the Mace effectively builds core & rotational strength.

Steel Mace Foundations is a full body workout, and is for any and all fitness levels.  It will consist of a dynamic mobility warm up, basic Steel Mace movements that build into a flow series. All classes will end with a cool down.

Fitness Level: All Levels
Duration: 60min
Music: Electro Tribal
Steel Mace at Santa Fe Athletic Co.
Mega Circuit


Mega Circuit is a full body workout, which will incorporate high intensity strength and conditioning training. Every Mega Circuit class will consist of 20+ stations. Each individual station will utilized a range of different fitness modalities, consisting of but not limited to: TRX Suspension Training, Kettle Bell, Resistance Bands, Mini Bands, Stability Balls, BOSU Balls, Dumbbells, Battle Ropes, TRX Rip Trainer, etc. Each and every Circuit will differ from one class to the next, challenging your body while utilizing proven muscle confusion techniques.

Fitness Level:  All Levels
Duration: 60min
Music: Hip-Hop, Club Pop