Have you ever walked into a gym and not known what to do next? For many people, gyms are intimidating places and can be even more intimidating if you are unfamiliar with the equipment, space or people. 

What about if you have ever just felt unmotivated to do your workout? Working out isn’t easy, that’s why it’s called work. Even to the most fit people, sometimes, you just aren’t feeling it.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take a group fitness class!


When you take a group fitness class, every other person in that class is there for the same reason as you, to work out. Right there, you have a commonality with the person standing next to you and automatically you’re part of a community. We all know a workout buddy keeps you accountable and can offer you the support you need to make it through your workout, the community of a group fitness class is just the same and when you’re all in it together, it gives you more emotional strength to work toward your goals.


When you take a group fitness class with a dedicated instructor, they will be there to teach you movements, form and exercises that will increase your personal fitness knowledge base. This will also help you achieve better form, have fewer injuries and overall, get a more effective workout in. 


As stated before, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to workout! That’s ok, we all go through that. However, when you attend a class, your instructor is there to keep you motivated and encourage you through your workout. On top of that, each class will be different and new which will keep you engaged with each workout so you don’t get stuck in a rut of doing the same thing over and over.


Let’s be real, classes are cheaper than personal trainers. We fully support and see the value in personal trainers and if you can afford one, that is great! But, not everyone can afford to have a dedicated personal trainer, 1, 2 or 3 times a week. That’s where classes are great! Small, group fitness classes give you personal attention from a knowledgeable instructor without the price tag of a personal trainer. 


Every week, your class will be there, ready for you to join. Although, you have to take steps to get there, having a schedule to follow will keep you on track and consistent in your workouts. Don’t overdo it, make sure to not over exert yourself, or commit to classes when you don’t have the time, but if you can commit to a schedule, and make those classes, you will have a better chance of success!

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