Mace (aka Gada) a club or blunt Mace from the Indian subcontinent. Dating to the 13th century, the Mace was used by elite warriors and wrestlers to train & condition for battle. With extremely disproportionate weight displacement, the Mace can effectively build core & rotational strength. 

Steel Mace Foundations is a full body workout for any and all fitness levels.  It consists of a dynamic mobility warm up, basic Steel Mace movements that build into a flow series, and ending with a stretch and cool down.

Ian does Steel Mace

The Steel Mace may seem like an intimidating piece of equipment, but in our Steel Mace Foundations class, taught by ONNIT certified instructor Ian O’Neal, you’ll get the foundational skills needed to use a steel mace at its full potential.

Our Steel Mace Foundations class provides students with a low-impact functional training workout option that increases stability, works the core and and corrects muscle imbalances.